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 Since 1935

Jude Vending, Maple Lake, MN
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Modern Equipment

Jude Vending offers modern automatic equipment by American Products, Rowe, Crane/National, Dixie Narco, U.S.I., and Royal. Our machines are newly styled, modern equipment.

Choose from many types of machines:

  • Soda Machines
     (Cans & Bottles)
  • Snack Machines
  • Food Machines
  • Milk Machines
  • Frozen Food Machines
  • Coffee Machines
  • Water Coolers
  • Money Changers

As currency changes, so does our technology. We are currently using electronic technology in our machines, accepting one, five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. We are always in the process of updating our bill acceptors and coin changers. Also, all of our machines can give you results of which items are selling.

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